Feast on a Book: A Thanksgiving Post

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to spend with friends, family, and food! After all that turkey, one of our favorite things to do is to curl up with a good book.  So here are a few fantastic, foody choices for you to enjoy over your Thanksgiving Holiday! Thanksgivingbooks

Devilish by Maureen Johnson: A fun, unique romp through St. Teresa’s Preparatory School for Girls.  We are introduced to best friends Jane and Allison. Following an accident, Allison comes back to school looking and acting very differently and she won’t give Jane the time of day. What happened to Jane’s friend? Well, she sold her soul to the devil. Will Jane be able to get her back? Maybe with the help of a cool freshman boy named Owen. Featuring a mysterious cupcake that plays an intriguing role in the story this is the perfect read for dessert!

Kitchen Princess by Natsumi Ando: This fun manga series is perfect for keeping the turkey food coma at bay! Najika can cook up a storm and loves cooking for friends and family.  She can’t help feeling as though something is missing from her life though and is determined to figure out the mystery of who the young boy was that touched her heart so long ago.  Using a silver spoon, she finds her way to Seika Academy where she meets Sora and Daichi. This is a light, and fun mystery that combines the best of cooking and romance!

Flavor of the Week by Tucker Shaw: What goes better with Turkey than a side of Love Triangle! In this delightful novel about aspiring chef Cyril Bartholomew, a heavy young boy secretly in love with his lab partner, Rose. Cyril has kept his passion for cooking a secret from everyone expect his cool and athletic best friend Chris.  The friendship between Chris and Cyril is endearing but complicated by the fact that they are both falling for Rose.  A light romantic comedy that focuses on the balance between friendship and potential romance.

Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty by Jody Gehrman: Girl Power cubed! Who doesn’t love a story set in a coffee shop? This story focuses on a trio of fantastic female characters Geena, her best friend Amber and her cousin Hero. When some hot guys are thrown into the mix while the girls are working at the Triple Shot Betty Coffee shop together the girls get tied up in all kinds of drama, mistaken identities, and a few cat fights. There is so much going on in this story but the important take away is that it is filled with romance, comedy, and heart! You won’t want to miss how these girls spend their summer!


What’s old is new again!

We love books! Can’t get enough of them no matter what shape or form they come in.  E-books, print books, board books, pop-up books! If it tells a story, we’re in! What happens, though, when the books get old, torn, yellowed, or aren’t relevant anymore?

Libraries, in a sense, are alive. They grow and change with the needs of the community they serve.  If a library didn’t grow, the collection would become dated leaving all our community members to seek more current, relevant information elsewhere. In keeping up with the times, libraries have a process for adding and deleting books from the collection. This process of deleting books is called weeding.

The goal of this week’s Teen Time Program is to give new life to the old books we love! Join us on Thursday, November 30th in making some book inspired art! We will be tearing apart old book that have been weeded from our collection, rolling the pages, and making some beautiful book poms, trees, and wreaths. From 3pm-5pm in the library annex we will be creating these decorative accents that you can use in your bedroom or give as a gift during the holiday season! Don’t miss out on this great program!


Check out this adorable book tree made from an old Christmas book!

Cards for a Cause: Paper Circuits!

The Holiday Season is upon us and the DeWitt District Library would like to spread some Holiday Cheer to the brave men and women who fight for our country! Join us on Thursday, November 16th from 3pm-5pm in the library annex! We will be crating some beautiful holiday cards using materials provided by the library.

Want to take your card to the next level? Try your hand at adding some LED lights to deck out your card.  We will have a brief tutorial on how to create some easy paper circuits to add to your decorated card.  Cards will be mailed to the VA Medical Center in Battle Creek.paper circuit

Karaoke Party!

Are you a Car Radio Rockstar? How about a Shower Superstar? Maybe your an Acoustic Crooner? Well it’s time to let your inner song out and join us on Thursday November 9th from 3pm to 5pm in the library annex.  We will be having a Karaoke Party for the ages. There will be lights, music, and snacks! Not much of a singer? Come and cheer on your friends! Every great Karaoke party needs a willing audience.  We have a karaoke set donated for use and will be using Youtube karaoke for the music–all we need is you! Karaoke

Video Game Veg out!



Feeling the pressure of tests, quizzes, and homework? Well come and hang out with us on Thursday November 1st from 3pm-5pm in the library annex.  We will have snacks and video games! What better way to destress then to enjoy some friends, virtual reality competition? The library will provide access to the WiiU and games like Mario Kart, Rampage, and Wii Sports! Teens are encouraged to enjoy some snacks and take turns playing.  You can even feel free to bring your homework if you’d like.

Feature Film: Spooky Spectacular!

“We solemnly swear we are up to no good” at DDL! Our library is all decked out with Halloween decor and we are fully embracing the spooky season! On Thursday, October 26th we will be enjoying some sweet snacks, salty popcorn, and a fantastic feature film of your choosing.  Join us in the library annex from 3pm-5pm for an afternoon of Halloween movies! I’ll come prepared with some options and we will have a vote. The movie with the most votes is the one we will watch.  If you would like to watch a different movie, feel free to browse our selection and check one out to enjoy at home!

For all those that enjoy some spooky reading to get you in the spirit of the season here are some of our favorite Halloween reads!

YAHorrorMiss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs: The combination of a creeptastic story and faded, supernatural, old-timey, real-life photos is keeps you turning the pages until the very end! Bonus: you can follow up with his sequels, “Hollow City” and “Library of Souls”. This series will not disappoint.

House of Furies by Madeline Roux: This book just came out and we’ve been dying to get our hands on it! Madeline Roux is known for her creepy, page turners that will keep you enthralled until the last page.  Check this one out asap!

Dangerous Creatures by Kim Garcia: In this supernatural novel you have sirens, rock groups and a solid love story. What more could a person want?

The Falconer by Elizabeth May: Buzzwords about this YA horror novel include, fairies, revenge, and Scotland.  I’m sold.

“Mischief Managed!”

Pumpkin Painting Palooza!

We are getting into the spirit of Halloween here at the library! If you’ve stopped by recently you have seen decorations including, spiders, witches hats, and pumpkins galore! We are also displaying some of our favorite spooky reads. Stop by and check one out today!


I love this melted crayon pumpkin!

During Teen Time this week, we want to take a moment to really appreciate and highlight our favorite type of seasonal squash–the pumpkin! Come join us this Thursday in decorating pumpkins.

Each year the library participates in Pumpkin Palooza a fantastic community event where kids of all ages trick or treat in the plaza. It’s always a fun time for all involving games, treats, and decorations and we look forward to it every year. Teens will be given a small pumpkin to decorate as they like.  Let your imagination run wild. Pumpkins can be pretty or scary or pretty scary! We will provide the paint and supplies and you provide the creativity! Hope you can join us!


Teen Read Week: Unleash Your Story!

170403_TRW17_Web_graphic_logoLQFrom October 8th to October 14th we are celebrating teens who love to read and write! Each year YALSA conducts a Teen Read Week helping to inspire teens who have stories to tell or love reading stories about teens. This year’s theme is “Unleash Your Story.”

When was the last time you connected with a character? Really felt swept up into the plot of a book? We want to know! Tell us in the comments section what was the last really great book that spoke to you. Or let us know one book that influences you everyday.  Maybe you have that one book (or several) that you love to return to reread again and again. We want to hear about it.

Maybe you’re an aspiring writer? Well this week is all about you too! Teens have a unique perspective in the world–one that may not always be heard. We want to celebrate teens who have a voice and have used it.  Whether it’s sharing something personal to you, observances about the world around you, or maybe you want to evoke change in the world.  Write it down, share it out, don’t be afraid of “unleashing you story”!

This week in the library, we will be displaying books about teens who have unleashed their stories.  The display will include biographies from teens just like you.  They have used their voice to tell an important story about their lives.  Stop by the library to pick one up!

Hack your Study Skills with Jessica Rollins!

We are officially into the new school year and the assignments, tests, and quizzes continue to pour in.  Feeling overwhelmed? Not sure where to start when it comes to studying? We’ve got you covered! Join us on October 5th from 3:30pm-4:30pm in the library annex.  We will have a special guest speaker from Sylvan Learning: Jessica Rollins!


Jessica will be focusing on the following areas: Active Listening Skills, so that students will not miss information in class. Effective note taking strategies and how to use study tools, such as flash cards and color coding, to study efficiently and improve test scores. Daily Review and Test taking strategies to take tests and quizzes with confidence, tackle different types of tests and manage testing anxiety. Sound like something you could benefit from? Stop by and hear what she has to say.  Snacks will be provided!

Banned Book Breakout Box: The Great Gatsby

Oh the fabulous Roaring 20’s; the music, the decadence, the hemlines, the literature! Some really great stories are set during the Jazz Age. We felt inspired by The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald to make our own banned book breakout box. Come to the library annex next Thursday, September 28th from 3pm-5pm and take part in our Great Gatsby Escape Party. Use your knowledge of the book to help solve the puzzles and gain admittance to a Gatsby-esque party at the library!

Feeling inspired to read more stories set in the 1920s? Here are some of our favorites!

The Diviners by Libba Bray: Fans of the supernatural, you are in a for a treat! An atmospheric read set in the bustling center of New York City in 1926.  Evie O’Neil has a secret–she  is hiding supernatural powers from her occult-obsessed uncle. Fueled by an unforgettable cast of characters, follow Evie’s adventure as her New York city life takes some dangerous twists and turns.


Bright Young Things by Anna Godberson: Summer in the city, Jazz, the bright lights of Broadway, and three young girls with stories to tell.  You can almost hear the sounds of the city. The thrilling tales of three socialites trying to pursue their dreams dazzles readers with the glitz and glamour of the age.  Sure to thrill any reader who has big dreams.



Flappers and Philosophers by F. Scott Fitzgerald: The name synonymous with the 1920’s has a lesser known set of short stories observing life in the Jazz age. The parties, the girls, the lifestyle; all of it happening in between the pages of this brief novel.  These 8 stories will keep readers who love a good coming of age style novel engaged to the very end.