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Finding A College

The very first step when is comes to applying for college is figuring our which college will be the best fit for you.  That can be a challenge in and of itself if you aren’t even sure what you should be using as your search criteria.’s Big Future pages have some wonderful tools to help you figure out exactly what it is you are looking for in a college and how to search for a college that best matches your needs.

Step-by-step College Search Categories

Use this tool to create a list of criteria that is most important to you when is comes to searching for and finding a college.

College Search 

Use your personal list of criteria to search over 3,800 colleges across the US to see which ones best fit your needs.

Applying to College

Michigan College Application Profilescanstockphoto26414260 has a wealth of information about navigating your way to college including a complete list of Michigan college application profiles. Each profile lists the basic application information and requirements you need to know to help you prepare for the application process and includes links to each colleges online application.

Senior Resource Guide (pdf) 

A simple guide  (created for CAW 2014 but still relevant today) that breaks down the steps for applying to college, with worksheets and resources to help you along.

College App Requirements (pdf)

This document gives a quick at-a-glance review of every Michigan college and university’s application requirements, including if the college is choosing to waive their fees during college application week.

More Resources 

Remember the application process is just one step. In addition to this guide, we encourage you to visit:

Transcripts is an online exchange that allows you to send and store your transcripts and other school credentials.


Provided by the Michigan eLibrary, the College Prep Center offers practice tests (including the SAT and ACT), interactive tutorials, and eBooks to help you prepare for college success.

College Essay Guides

The LearningExpress Library also offers a comprehensive guide to writing college entrance essays and offers tips on everything from proofreading and revising to writing in the high-pressure, little-time situation that college essays sometimes entail. These essay guides range from basics such as sentence structure and how to use quotations to more complex aspects of the college essay.

Note that before you can begin to download and use these free resources, you will be asked to create an account by providing your name and email address and creating a password. Not only will creating an account give you access to college admissions resources, it will also allow you to organize and store all of your downloaded resources in your account’s dashboard, called “My Center.”




Federal Student Aid Information Page and Application

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