Teen Time: Bullet Journaling

Bullet Journaling is quickly becoming one of the trendiest ways to get your life organized, track habits, and doodle all rolled into one neat little package! The practice of keeping a planner may not be a new one, but creating layouts and customizing what exactly you want to keep track of has become the newest way to have fun staying organized. A quick search on YouTube yields tons of results from seasoned journalers who offer their tips and tricks to creating the best layouts, new habit trackers, and the best products to get your bullet journaling off on the right foot.  Tomorrow we will be holding our own bullet journaling session.  We will be watching some YouTube videos to get some ideas and then have some time to practice some different layouts.  Bring your favorite journal or one will be provided.  We will also provide fun, colorful pens to jazz up your bullet journals! Check out these books for more information!

Beyond Bullets by Megan Rutell-Beyond Bullets builds on the established foundations of bullet journaling and moves into suggestions for creative layouts, how to set up and keep a running index, and advanced lettering styles.

Dot Journaling: A Practical Guide by Rachel Wilkerson Miller– This is the ultimate beginners guide for learning the basics of dot journaling.  This guide will tell you how to set up your pages and to not be too hard on yourself if things aren’t set up in the optimal way–learning what works for you is part of the process. Both of these books are available at the Library.

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