Feast on a Book: A Thanksgiving Post

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to spend with friends, family, and food! After all that turkey, one of our favorite things to do is to curl up with a good book.  So here are a few fantastic, foody choices for you to enjoy over your Thanksgiving Holiday! Thanksgivingbooks

Devilish by Maureen Johnson: A fun, unique romp through St. Teresa’s Preparatory School for Girls.  We are introduced to best friends Jane and Allison. Following an accident, Allison comes back to school looking and acting very differently and she won’t give Jane the time of day. What happened to Jane’s friend? Well, she sold her soul to the devil. Will Jane be able to get her back? Maybe with the help of a cool freshman boy named Owen. Featuring a mysterious cupcake that plays an intriguing role in the story this is the perfect read for dessert!

Kitchen Princess by Natsumi Ando: This fun manga series is perfect for keeping the turkey food coma at bay! Najika can cook up a storm and loves cooking for friends and family.  She can’t help feeling as though something is missing from her life though and is determined to figure out the mystery of who the young boy was that touched her heart so long ago.  Using a silver spoon, she finds her way to Seika Academy where she meets Sora and Daichi. This is a light, and fun mystery that combines the best of cooking and romance!

Flavor of the Week by Tucker Shaw: What goes better with Turkey than a side of Love Triangle! In this delightful novel about aspiring chef Cyril Bartholomew, a heavy young boy secretly in love with his lab partner, Rose. Cyril has kept his passion for cooking a secret from everyone expect his cool and athletic best friend Chris.  The friendship between Chris and Cyril is endearing but complicated by the fact that they are both falling for Rose.  A light romantic comedy that focuses on the balance between friendship and potential romance.

Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty by Jody Gehrman: Girl Power cubed! Who doesn’t love a story set in a coffee shop? This story focuses on a trio of fantastic female characters Geena, her best friend Amber and her cousin Hero. When some hot guys are thrown into the mix while the girls are working at the Triple Shot Betty Coffee shop together the girls get tied up in all kinds of drama, mistaken identities, and a few cat fights. There is so much going on in this story but the important take away is that it is filled with romance, comedy, and heart! You won’t want to miss how these girls spend their summer!


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