What’s old is new again!

We love books! Can’t get enough of them no matter what shape or form they come in.  E-books, print books, board books, pop-up books! If it tells a story, we’re in! What happens, though, when the books get old, torn, yellowed, or aren’t relevant anymore?

Libraries, in a sense, are alive. They grow and change with the needs of the community they serve.  If a library didn’t grow, the collection would become dated leaving all our community members to seek more current, relevant information elsewhere. In keeping up with the times, libraries have a process for adding and deleting books from the collection. This process of deleting books is called weeding.

The goal of this week’s Teen Time Program is to give new life to the old books we love! Join us on Thursday, November 30th in making some book inspired art! We will be tearing apart old book that have been weeded from our collection, rolling the pages, and making some beautiful book poms, trees, and wreaths. From 3pm-5pm in the library annex we will be creating these decorative accents that you can use in your bedroom or give as a gift during the holiday season! Don’t miss out on this great program!


Check out this adorable book tree made from an old Christmas book!


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