Best of Back to School Books: YA Edition

It’s the middle of August and even though we have just wrapped up a successful Summer Reading Program, DeWitt District Library is turning it’s attention to fall! The Back to School season is upon us which means it won’t be long until the air turns crisp and the pumpkin spice lattes will flow.

Back to school can bring on a variety of emotions–giddiness for new classes, anxiety about doing well, or interest in trying to navigate a new social scene. YA novels tend to draw inspiration from real life and reading can help us know that we aren’t alone in our feelings. So here are our picks for 6 great back to school YA books to help you gear up for the upcoming school year.

Pick up one of these reads at the library today! Books are available in print or digital copy.

sleepingfreshmenneverlieSleeping freshmen never lie by David Lubar 

Scott is just your average freshman trying to navigate his honors classes, write a sports column for the school newspaper, and attract the attention of his new crush Julia. On top of all of that, his mother has just announced that she is pregnant. So, in order to help cope with everything he is going through, he decides to write a survival guide for his newly expected sibling in hope that they will have an easier go at high school life.  A laugh-out loud back to school read!


eleanorandparkEleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

Bring on the 80’s nostalgia in this sweet, relatable romance between two very awkward teens. Eleanor and Park share a love of music and each other in this story about first love and the fight to hold onto it.  While as smart, edgy, and un-put-downable as this book is, you will find yourself smiling and nodding along with their struggles and triumphs. A great book to read while riding the bus to school!


Genius I am a Genius of Unspeakable Evil and I Want to be your Class President by Josh Lieb 

Don’t let the main character’s age of 12 fool you. This kid is ready for the big leagues.  Oliver Watson is an overweight evil genius who puts his plans for world domination aside so that he can successfully run for class president.  Shenanigans ensue while Oliver tries to win not only the election but also his father’s approval.  With classic science fiction and fantasy touches, readers will love Lieb’s voice and sense of humor in this unusual story.

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkinshexhallcover

Welcome to Hex Hall, the reform school for all Prodigium (witches, vampires, ghosts, faires, and shapeshifters). Sophie Mercer, a 15 year old witch, has just arrived due to a botched prom nigh spell and her father’s insistence that she get her powers under control. Along the way we meet an unique and unforgettable cast of characters who try to navigate school life as well as solve the mystery of who is killing the students of Hex hall and why is that person especially after Sophie?

tellmethreethingsTell me three things by Julie Buxbaum 

Starting a new school can be intimidating, especially when that new school is a pretentious prep school in LA where you know absolutely no one. Such is the case for Jessie. It’s been two years since her mother died and her father has remarried and moved their family across the country to start again. Jessie is trying so hard to navigate this new life when she starts receiving emails for someone named Somebody/Nobody or SN for short, offering her advice and help along the way.  Desperate, Jessie accepts, but is it for the best?

separatecoverA Separate Peace by John Knowles

A classic! This book is on many high school required reading lists for a reason. Set right before World War II, Gene and Phineas couldn’t be more opposite, yet find themselves sharing a room at their prep school in New England.  During the summer they spent together, they will discover the end to their adolescence and help readers to understand that the friendships we make can define and change us.



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